At the crossroads of musical genres, there is a unique artistic personality: Jean-Michel Bernard, whom Ray Charles called a “genius” and Lalo Schifrin, his “soul brother.”

He is a multifaceted talent - composer, orchestrator, producer, concert pianist, with a singular profile: not exactly a classical pianist although he has the training and the technical ability, nor a jazz pianist even if he has the improvisational freedom and swing, but definitely an extraordinary pianist of music for cinema!

Jean-Michel Bernard is the only official Steinway artist in the film music sector. He has worked with the best who have all praised him: as a member of Ray Charles’ Quartet, a collaborator of Scorsese and Morricone, a composer for Michel Gondry…

PIANO CINEMA is a saga in which Jean-Michel Bernard revisits the entire history of great film music.


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Piano Cinema en concert exceptionnel le 30 septembre à Paris, salle Cortot ! Infos et billeterie